Why you should join US?

Membership in America’s Boating Club - Knoxville can be a very rewarding experience.  First and foremost, we make boating fun!  We have many on- and off-the-water activities such as raft-ups, picnics, overnight cruises, parties, dinners, an educational lock-through, poker runs, and on-water scavenger hunts.  There are a variety of in-depth courses geared to improve your boating knowledge and skills.  These courses are available at a discount to members.  Taking a course with fellow members gives you an opportunity to not only learn from the instructor, but also to learn from the experiences of fellow boaters.  As a member you may participate in the district and national meetings to learn from people in other areas.

Some of the more specific benefits and opportunities afforded members of America’s Boating Club - Knoxville include:

  • Opportunity to attend interesting dinner meetings with feature speakers/presentations.

  • Opportunity to have more fun on the water.

  • Opportunity to make lasting friendships.

  • Opportunity to take advanced education course in safe boating.

  • Opportunity to socialize and travel with other experienced boaters.  

  • Opportunity to participate in civic activities/duties in your community.

  • Opportunity to save on Boat U.S. Membership fees subscription and more.

  • Opportunity to receive discounted boat insurance.

  • Access to USPS Port Captains Program which provides members with travel tips and local information when traveling in unfamiliar areas.

  • Here is a link to our members benefit page:  https://americasboatingclub.org/membership


Ok, I want to become a member of AMERICA’S BOATING CLUB- KNOXVILLE!  What are requirements for membership eligibility?

  • Membership in the America’s Boating Club of Knoxville is open to all applicants who then have one year to successfully completed a America’s Boating Club basic course such as our ABC course or Boat Handling course, or provide a copy of certificate / wallet card) or other NASBLA acceptable boating education programs.  ("See How do I get an application?" below).

How much does membership cost?

  • The annual cost of membership is $85 for a single membership, and $127.50 for a family membership. Note there is a one time initiation fee of $20.00 for all new members.

How do I get an application?

Where do I send the completed application?

  • Either bring your application to the next dinner meeting (see the latest newsletter for info) or mail the completed application along with information on meeting membership criteria (please see "requirements for membership eligibility" (above) and check  to:

    • Bill Brumit
      PO Box 32145
      Knoxville,TN 37930